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Customer Testimonials

At Gila Tools Inc, we pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction. Our customer service representatives are knowledgeable and understand what the contractor needs to get the job done. They will go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfiend. Our #1 goal at Gila Tools is for you to be part of our family and become a permanent customer. Read what our customers are saying!

"I bought this blade about 3 weeks ago, and works perfectly fine on daily tasks. I am a construction worker and I always need blades that can work and last for a long time."

Thomas T.

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

• "Great Cutter!" -Dawn G.
• "I have been fabricating stone counters for 10 years; I bought this blade for my BLUE RIPPER SR. track saw, what a buy!! Fast smooth cuts, not much chipping and really not that loud for a non silent core blade, this blade performs as well or better than blades I have paid 2-3x's for. So far I have cut a bunch of granite, natural quarts and some mane made quartz (ceasarstone) slabs with no issues" -Timothy O.
• "I have been used this blade for several months and it does the job perfectly. The price seems to be very reasonable than what I have been paying before." -John R.
• "I have used the Red All-Cut Master blade last month and love the cutting performance. Then I decide to try this turbo version to make a comparison. The turbo version cut faster than the regular version and it’s great on cutting harder materials like cured concrete, refractory block, and hard natural stone. The blade life on both blades is same, but it cut faster on normal concrete and block, so save me some time on the job." -Rick G.
• "This was the best glass tile blade that I have used so far. It cuts very smooth without any chipping on the edge of the glass tile and best of all it didn't chip off the back layer paint. I was totally amazed by the performance and the blade life. I would highly recommend this blade to anyone want to spend their money on the good quality blade." -Todd F.
• "It performs great on Concrete, Block and Asphalt with reasonable blade life. Before I paid $250 for 14” blade from other supplier, but here I only paid $144.99. Best of all, they ship out my order on the same day when I ordered the blade with free ground shipping." -Robert S.
• "This blade is very good for dry cutting" -John C.
• "The blade cuts very fast and smooth. It cost much less than the Pearl super dry series blade and it does the same job. A great product and worth the money. Highly recommended!" -Earl C.
• "This blade does what it has described and it's just amazing! It cuts super fast and no more big noise!" -Dan M.
• "I used this blade to cut cured concrete on small walk behind. It cut very fast and does the job for less time spent. Great product!" -Chris D.
• "At first when I saw the price on the 14" blade with 12mm rim, I think this blade must be a cheap low quality blade. But since the price was a strong appeal to me so I have purchased one to find out the quality. I was impressing by the cutting performance and the blade life. I have paid $150 for the same blade from other place and it didn’t perform much better than this blade. I’m glad I have tried the blade to prove the quality is good and I’ll definitely buy from this web store again." -Shawn K.
• "I have paid $150 for the same blade from other place and it didn’t perform much better than this blade. I’m glad I have tried the blade to prove the quality is good and I’ll definitely buy from this web store again." -Donald M.
• "I used this blade to cut concrete; block and asphalt on high speed saw and small walk behind. It does great job and the blade life seems to be longer than I have expected." -Andrew B.
• "It's very difficult to find a good glass tile blade that cuts very smooth and doesn’t chip the glass tile. I'm very glad to find this blade and it truly performance very well just like it said on the website. This blade cuts very smooth and doesn't chip the edge and the back layer paint. The best glass tile blade I have used so far with a great low price. I'll absolutely buy it again and again!" -Mark S.
• "Fast delivery, quality blade and a great price!" -Nancy M.
• "Fast delivery and reasonable price." -Edward L.
• "Very fast shipping and I intend to buy more blades from seller." -Robert T.
• "Wow! Quick delivery and super product at a great price. How can you beat that?" -Michael B.
• "These are the second set of blades we have ordered. They have arrived very quickly and work well with our dustless tuck-pointing vacuum system." -Melanie P.
• "Have not had the opportunity to use these blades yet, but they were shipped quickly and arrived well packed. Providing the service life and performance is everything it should be, I wouldn't have a problem ordering from this vendor again. Great Transaction." -Kerry F.
• "Very timely delivery. The saw was exactly as described and did an excellent job of cutting patio stone pavers." -Willie J.
• "Nice blade cuts great" -Webb W.
• "Excellent blade; kept it wet when cutting and it sliced through the driveway like butter" -John S.
• "If I ever need another diamond blade I will be using Gila brand from now on! The Zipper Narrow Turbo blade cuts through stone as it were butter! The blade can be used dry or wet. I used mine dry and can only assume that it would rip through stone even faster if a water feed was used with it. Great product!" -Matthew M.
• "Just what I was looking for, at a good price." -Brad R.
• "Performed as promised. no problems and my order arrived on time." -Vern L.
• "Service was excellent and met my high expectations." -Mike S.
• "Arrived on time. Product worked excellent." -Kevin M.
• "Item was delivered in two days. Value was great. Will definitely consider Gila products in the future." -Jose H.
• "It was easy ordering because the information was clear, complete and made it quick to order the right item that I needed. The delivery was before the scheduled date which allowed me to start the job early." -Malcolm W.
• "Great item fast ship, will deal with again. Thanks" -Gene M.
• "I was very happy with my glass blade. I have been in the tile trade for 35 years , and your blade is one of the best I have used" -Chris F.
• "Works Awesome! I bought this for cutting bath sink holes, it's easy to control and very fast. I started using it for toilet drain on porcelain tile, what use to take me 10 minutes or more on a regular tile saw, cutting straight lines then cleaning up the edge and hope fully it does not break, the you have to start all over, now takes about a minute, and I have not had a tile break yet. Will definitely order more, best product, at the best price." -Jose C.
• "Owners of 6-1/2 inch saws have few options in finish cut blades for wood. The Gila Tool 60-tooth blade is an excellent choice. In a Ridgid 6-1/2 inch framing saw it produces splinter-free cuts for me in 3/4 inch Chinese oak veneer plywood. This wood is known for its exceptionally thin veneer. I compared the blade with excellent 40-tooth carbide tipped Tenryu sawblade, a 36-tooth Matsushita saw blade, and a 140-tooth all-steel finish blade. The Gila saw blade cut smoother than the 40 tooth blade, which itself cut very similar in smoothness to the Matsushita blade. The 140 tooth steel blade made the smoothest cuts of all, but cut much slower and I would expect it to remain sharp a shorter time. The four star rating reflects the rather ordinary finish of the blade and, to my possibly-fallible perception, a bit less polish on the teeth than found on the other two carbide blades. That said, I currently know of no better choice for a 6-1/2 inch finish blade." -Marvin M.
• "Great product from this company" -Steve F.
• "Blade arrived in 2 days after I ordered. Product works perfectly." -John K.
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