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Silent Masonry Turbo Diamond Blade

Quick Overview

  • 30

  • Weld Type: Laser Welded with Split Turbo Segment

  • Segment Core Design: Resin Filled S-Dampners

  • Horsepower Range: 5-20 hp

  • Cutting Method: Wet or Dry.

  • Application: Cured Concrete, Hard Brick/Block, Natural Stone, Masonry, Cinder Block

  • Tool Types: Gas Cut Off Saw, Masonry Saw and up to 13hp Walk Behind Saw.

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Item Number Size Seg.W. Seg.H. Arbor Price Qty
731251 12" .125" 15mm 1in-20mm


$129.99 731251

731451 14" .125" 15mm 1in-20mm


$154.99 731451

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Silent Masonry Turbo Diamond Blade is a laser-welded split segmented high speed diamond blade that is engineered for power and reliability. The specially designed split segments provide extremely fast and smooth cutting. The unique laser cut Resin filled S-Dampeners core provide for dramatic noise reduction.




  • For use with Gas Cut Off Saw, Masonry Saw and up to 13hp Walk Behind Saws.
  • Ideal for cutting Cured Concrete, Hard Brick/Block, Natural Stone, Masonry
  • Great for dry and wet cutting
  • Designed for the professional contractor




Gila Diamond Products Warranty pertaining to all Diamond Cutting Tools and Carbide Blades

All Gila Diamond Products are engineered and manufactured to the highest of standards. Your satisfaction is a dominant consideration.  All Gila Diamond Products are warranted to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship, provided that the tools are properly maintained and there is no evidence of abuse or misuse.


  • In the event of failure or malfunction, return the product, properly packaged and postage prepaid, to Gila Diamond Products. You may also contact Gila Diamond Products at (888) 850-0889 for instructions on returns and technical advice.

  • Gila Diamond Products assumes no liability for defects or damage caused by abuse or misuse of any product or unauthorized service of any product. The product must have been used for its recommended purpose and not modified by sharpening or other changes. Normal wear and tear is not covered under Gila Diamond Products warranties.


For proper size, seg width, seg height and arbor, view product table

  • Arbor Size:  1"-20mm
  • Blade Diameter:   12"-14"
  • Material Cut:  Cured Concrete, Hard Brick/Block, Natural Stone, Masonry
  • Rim Type:  Turbo Segmented
  • Weld Type: Laser Welded





Works with the following Manufacturer Models:

Husqvarna: FS309, K3000wet, K3000vac, K760, K970, K1260, K760 Rescue, K970 Rescue, K2500

Diamond Products: CC1305E1-XL, CC1305E3-XL, CC1875E1XL-P, CC1810E3XL-P, CC1875E1XL-S, CC1810E3XL-S, CC2515E-14, CC3520E-14, CC555MXL2-H, FC7312-SLR, FC7314-SLR

MK Diamond: CX-3 Honda, CX-3 Kohler, CX-3 Subaru, 167989, MK-5005S, MK-5005T, MK-5005T, MK-5007T, MK-5009T, MK-5010S, MK-5010T, MK-5009G, MK-5010G, MK-5013G, MK-2005H, MK-2006R, MK-2006V, MK-2007K

Edco: SK-14-9H, SK-14-11H, SK-14-13H, SB-14-9H, SB-14-11H, SB-14-13H, BB-14-9H,SB-14-5B, SB-14-5B, ASB-14, BB-14-5.5H, BB-14-6.5H, BB-14-9H, HSS-14-5.5H, HSS-14-6.5H

Norton Saint Gobain: BBL1347, BBL547,BBC547

CS Unitec: CSH 100, CSH 125,

Wacker Nesonu: BFS614, BFS914, BFS914A, BTS630,BTS635S


Imer: 350 Gas Up


Unifire: PS-COS12, PS-COS14, PS-COS1464, PS-COS1479


Stihl: TS 480i STIHL Cutquik, TS 500i STIHL Cutquik, TS 700 STIHL Cutquik


Tempest Vent Master: 375K, 396K, 3120K


Cutters Edge: CE760, CE970


Dolmar: PC-7430, PC-7412, PC-7435, PC-7414


Makita: EK7301

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