MK Diamond MK-275G Sintered Profile Wheels

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Quick Overview

  • Arbor: 5/8"

  • Radius Size: 3/8" Radius or 1/2" Radius

  • Cutting Method: Wet only

  • Application: Granite

  • Equipment Types: Wet Tile Saw

MK Diamond MK-275G Sintered Profile Wheels

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Item Number Size Seg.W. Seg.H. Arbor Price Qty
155853 6" 3/8" Radius 10mm 5/8in

155856 8" 3/8" Radius 10mm 5/8in

155854 6" 1/2" Radius 10mm 5/8in

155857 8" 1/2" Radius 10mm 5/8in



MK Diamond MK-275G Sintered Profile Wheels - MK-275 profile wheels provide clean, professional contours for marble and granite. MK Diamond’s profile wheels require no special saw modification and mount to most tile saws quickly and easily. Profile wheel intended for cutting on Granite. Use wet only. Ideal for Wet Tile Saw.



Returned Merchandised Policy


To expedite the service relative to the return of a product, all requests must be in writing. Contact MK Diamond Customer Service at 800 421-5830 or 310 539-5221, to request a “Return Authorization Request Form." Items must have been purchased within the previous twelve (12) months.


You will need the following information to complete the form:


  • Model Number of the saw
  • Serial Number of the saw
  • Location of where the saw was purchased
  • Date the saw was purchased


Return the authorization form to MK Diamond Products. Allow three to five business days for a response, at which time a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number will be issued for your return. Refer to the equipment owner’s manual for packaging instructions. Ensure the RGA number is on the outside of the returned package. Ensure your item(s) are prepaid to the destination.


For proper size, seg width, seg height and arbor, view product table

  • Arbor Size:  5/8"  
  • Blade Diameter:   6"-8"
  • Material Cut:  Granite
  • Rim Type:  Continuous





Works with most of the  following Manufacturer Models:

Husqvarna: TS60, TS250X3, TS250XL3


Diamond Products: CC400T, CC600T, CC900T, CC900TE, CC1000T

MK Diamond: MK-212-4, MK-212-6, TX-3, MK-101, MK-101-24, MK-101-PRO24, MK-101 PRO24-JCS, MK-100, MK-770EXP, MK-660, MK-370EXP, MK-370, MK-377, MK-170

Edco: TMS-10-1.5L

Norton Saint Gobain: CTC102XL, TC405, CTC701, TC405

CS Unitec: EDS181

Multiquip: TP7X, TP24, TP24X


Imer: Combi 200VA, Combi 250VA, Touchdown TD-10

QEP: 83230, 83200, 60088, 22650, 61024, 60089, 60084A, 60083, 21634, 60024, 22500


Gundlach: 1000JR, 1000SR 410, 710, 1037, 1027


Bosch: TC10


Makita: 4101RH


Dewalt: D2400


Ridgid: R4030, R4020, R4007, R4010, R4090


Ryobi: P580, WS721, TC400, WS730, WS750L


Craftsman: 22320, 21541


* Use Gila Flush Mount Adapter for use with Angle Grinders


Bosch: 1375A, 1380SLIM, 1380SLIM-K, 1800, 1810PS, 1810PSD, 1801, 1811PS, 1811PSD, 1803EVS, 1821, 1821D, 1853-5, 1772-6, 1873-8, 1873-8D, 1974-8, 1974-8D


Makita: 4101RH, 9564CV, 9564P, GA4030K, GA4530, GA4534, 9015A, 9005B, 9558PB, 9565CV, 9565PC, GA5010Z, GA5020, GA5020Y, GA7001L, GA7011C, GA7020, GA7021, GA7031Y, GA7040S


Dewalt: DWE4011, D28402N, D28112, D28110, D28402, D28402K, DW802G, D28402W, D28114, D28114N, D28131, D28065, D28065N, D28115, D28115N, DW831, DW840, DW831, DWE4517, DWE4557, DWE4597N, DWE4597, D28499X, D28497


Milwaukee: 6146-33, 6147-30, 6147-31, 6121-31, 6117-33D, 6121-31A, 6117-30, 6117-31, 6088-31, 6089-30, 6089-31, 6088-30


Ridgid: R1005, R1020


Metabo: 6.00270.42, 6.00270.00, 6.06696.42, 6.06696.00, 6.06701.42,6.00259.42, 6.00259.85, 6.00264.42, 6.00264.00, 6.00263.42, 6.01101.42, 6.00274.42, 6.02131.42, 6.00281.42, 6.00281.00, 6.00292.42, 6.00269.42, 6.00304.42, 6.00166.42, 6.00322.42, 6.00279.42, 6.06711.42, 6.00267.42, 6.00268.42, 6.06250.42, 6.06418.42, 6.06445.42, 6.02170.86, 6.02170.52, 601119520


Hitachi: G12SA3, G12SE2, G12SE2P9, G12SN, G12SR3, G12SS, G12VA, G13SC2, G13SC2P9, G13SN, G13SP, G13VA, G18DL, G18MR, G18MRP9, G18SCY, G18SR, G18SS


Ryobi: AG452K, AG402, AG700


Craftsman: 24544, 26438, 24543


Skil: 9296-01, 9295-01



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