when to replace a diamond blade

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All blades wear out over time, that’s a given fact. However, diamond blades age differently than regular toothed saw blades. As their name suggests, diamond blades have a cutting surface that is not made of steel but of diamond particles which ease the cut. The diamond particles will eventually wear down, and you will need to replace them.

But how can you tell when your diamond blade needs to be replaced? Today, we’re going to discuss that.

Here are four signs to tell that it’s time to replace your old blades:

Your blade starts to cut slower.

When your diamond saw blade starts to wear down, its cutting speed will decrease and eventually won’t cut at all. You see, the diamond particles in the blade are the parts that actually do the work, so when those diamond particles start to wear down, the cut will be slower and less efficient. It will be difficult for the blade to make same, clean cut you’ve grown accustomed to.

The blade has glazed over.

Another general sign that a blade needs to be replaced is when they had “glazed over” especially they have often been used to cut something softer and less abrasive than the intended target. This frequently happens with hard blades. Although you can try fixing the diamond blades by running the saw through an abrasive material, it is still better if you replace the blade.

It has worn teeth.

As you use your diamond blades through the years, its metal teeth eventually wear down. Once they do, your blade won’t be able to cut anymore. Yes, the diamond blade particles may still be usable, but if the teeth aren’t good, then that blade needs to be replaced. Besides, the metal will gradually deteriorate as well, so it’s best to get a new one.

The blade has smooth over time.

A smooth blade is a sure way to tell that it’s time to replace your diamond blade soon. When you look at a new blade, you would be able to see the diamond particles apart from the metal. But when the diamonds have worn away from the surface of the blade, your blade will look smooth and thus won’t cut well.


If you see these signs on your old diamond blades, then it is advisable to replace them as soon as possible.

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