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Along with your power drill, the circular saw is one of the most used pieces of equipment for your home workshop. Choosing a good circular saw is vital so you can get the most value. Having a good saw in hand can get you at least 10 years of good use before you need to buy a new one. When equipped with a diamond blade, your circular saw is going to be a versatile piece of equipment you can use for your DIY projects.

To get the best value, here are a few considerations you need to make:

Have the Right Blade Size

Blade on a table.

Circular saws are grouped into by what diameter of saw blade they can use; the most common diameter being, 7 ½”. With a blade of that size, you can expect to cut into materials that are three inches thick. This size is a versatile choice if you’re planning to cut materials other than wood.

Consider the Saw Style

There are two kinds of styles available for circular saws. One is the worm-drive saw with the handle behind the blade. The blade itself is found on the left side. This type is heavier and offers more torque.  On the other hand, the more recognizable style is the sidewinder. This style has a blade set above the edge. These saws are lighter and spin faster.

Take Note of Power Output

The power of the saw is measured in amperage. Nowadays, the most common power output for circular saws is 15 amperes. However, if you don’t intend to use a circular saw frequently, the recommended output is only between 10-12 amperes so you can save on energy costs.

Select What’s Comfortable for You

A diamond blade in hand.

Making sure that the blade is comfortable in your hands as you’re using it can go a long way in helping you work more efficiently and safely. Test the grip when you hold and when you’re using the blade.

Aside from price, these are the vital saw qualities that you need to take note of when selecting a new circular saw for your home workshop. For more information on circular saws, diamond blades, or other DIY tools, check out!


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