Various Types of Diamond Blades and Their Uses

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Working in the construction industry means you need to continually work with different tools to complete the tasks given to you. Each of these tools is designed to be used for a specific work and task. And this rule applies to diamond blades as well. There are different types of diamond blade, and each of them is used to cut specific materials.

And with that said, here are the different types of diamond blades and their uses.

Continous Rim

Super Sharp Porcelain Tile Blade

Super Sharp Porcelain Tile Blade

Continous Rim blades are usually very flat with few details and are also the slowest one in cutting. These blades are also called wet cut blades because they have no inbuilt heat distribution which pushes air over the blade. This means that you need to run these blades with water flowing over it. The water helps removes the dust from the environment to keep your saw equipment clean and lasting longer.

This type of blade is used in cutting ceramic tile, granite, marble, and porcelain tile.

Segmented Rim

Premium Segmented Diamond Blade

Premium Segmented Diamond Blade

Segmented Rim blades are usually divided into 10 to 14 segments and have a deep groove between each section. These blades are best used when you have no access to water because its grooves in the rim allow for sufficient heat transfer. That’s why these blades are prone to overheating if you’re not careful when cutting.

This type of blade is commonly used when cutting bricks and concrete. Avoid using this blade when cutting tile because it won’t deliver a clean cut as the once you can get when using continuous rim blades.

Turbo Rim

Wide Turbo Rim Diamond Blade

Wide Turbo Rim Diamond Blade

Turbo Rim blades are quite similar to segmented rim blades. Though they might look different from each other, they have identical features. These blades are also divided into sections and feature relief holes for better heat transfer. However, the biggest difference between turbo rim and segmented rim blades is the way they handle the heat. The turbo rim blades can either be run wet or dry. This is made possible due to its design which allows the air to be pushed over the blade to keep it cool.

This type of blade is used for bricks, concrete, and also limestone materials, delivering a clean cut.

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