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Cutting concrete is something you would often see on a job site. And it also happens to be one of the most rigorous construction jobs there is. Typically, diamond blade cutting is the commonly used process in concrete cutting. That’s why construction companies are required to train their new staff in handling concrete cutting. Use these fundamentals and tips about concrete cutting, so they accomplish the job more safely and efficiently.

Know the type of concrete your cutting.

There are different diamond blades designed to cut different types of concrete materials. And to complete the job, you need to pair the right diamond cutting tool for the specific, concrete type. For instance, some concrete is heavily enforced with steel bars, while some have other metals inside, and others have structures that may have build using plain concrete alone.

This is why it’s important to check all the materials that exist in the structure so you can use the right diamond blade to cut it.

Choose the right cutting method.

There are two diamond blade cutting methods, wet cutting, and dry cutting. Usually, contractors often use the wet cutting method when cutting concretes. In the wet diamond cutting technique, water is used as a coolant aid and lubricant to smoothly cut the concrete. Since it uses water during cutting, it helps prevent the diamond blade from heating up excessively which ads to its service lifespan. The wet cutting method also helps in controlling dust during the process. However, if a water source is not present on the job site, then dry diamond cutting can be an option.

Get the right diamond blade for the job.

Choosing the right diamond blade is essential to guarantee a fast, safe and accurate cutting job. Laser-welded diamond blades are the perfect choices for wet cutting concrete operations to ensure optimal performance.

It is also important to consider the horsepower of the saw equipment as this can help you choose the right diamond blade. Make sure that the diamond blade has a diameter that can easily fit inside the concrete saw that you will be using for the concrete cutting. The arbor size of the concrete cutting saw, and the diameter of the arbor hole of the blade should perfectly match each other.

Wear safety gears.

Last but not the least, safety needs to be the topmost concern. So remember to always wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, google, rubber boots, and earplugs. Wearing this protective equipment or clothing is vital to ensure your safety during the cutting job. Aside from that, before the cutting job, make sure to inspect the conditions of your working equipment such as the cutting saw and the diamond blade. Using any worn out or damaged equipment can lead to accidents.

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