A grinder with a cup wheel attached.

A diamond cup wheel is another piece of equipment that you may need with your DIY or construction projects. Aside from your diamond blade saw for cutting various materials effectively, you’re going to need the diamond cup wheel to polish and grind concrete. They can also be used to cut hard concrete, marble, and granite, and remove coating or paint.

With that said, grinding wheel can be considered one of the essential pieces of equipment you need for DIY or construction. Here are a few tips on selecting the right diamond cup wheel:

Consider the Hardness of the Materials You’re Going to Grind

Grinding with cup wheel on metal.

Depending on the toughness of the material, your diamond cup wheel’s hardness should be considered to have quality results. For example, when grinding hard concrete, you would want a cup wheel with a softer bond. This is because diamonds can become blunt and lose their edge when grinding harder materials. Conversely, you want a cup wheel with a harder bond when grinding softer materials.

Consider the Components of Grinding Wheel

The cup wheel has three main parts. The blocks of diamond material are called segments, which are attached by the solder to the spinning wheel known as the cup. Larger segments are good for grinding concrete and stone, while smaller ones are good for removing glues, paints, and epoxy coatings from a material.

Consider the Grinding Process

Worker grinding concrete.

Normally, there are two kinds of concrete grinding: coarse grinding and polishing. For the initial coarse grind, you should select a cup wheel that has soft bonds and high diamond hardness of about 35 to 50 grit. For the polishing, you should switch to a hard diamond bonds which will provide you with precision. The diamond grit for polishing should be in the range of 80 to 120. Also, polishing needs a larger concentration of diamonds attached to the cup.

With these considerations, you can select the right grinding wheel for various projects with hard materials. GilaTools offers a wide selection of diamond cup wheels to choose from. Make sure you check those out at GilaTools.com!


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