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Many construction jobs often involve cutting asphalt, which is entirely different from cutting concrete or granite. This is because asphalt is softer than the other two, and using soft bonded blades won’t really work out. Moreover, it won’t be able to deliver clean cuts. That is why professionals use hard bond diamond blades for cutting asphalt.

Hard bond diamond blades are designed for cutting asphalt smoothly and cleanly. And by using this proper tool along with these following tips, you’ll be able to the job without any problem.

TIP #1

Wear safety equipment. To ensure your safety if anything happens, it’s essential to wear safety gears before proceeding with the cutting job. Always remember that safety comes first.

TIP #2

Check your saw equipment. This is very important to make sure that there won’t be any problems while you’re working on the asphalt. Check if it is running smoothly and if the diamond blade is safely locked in its place. You also need to inspect the diamond blade if it is damaged or not. Don’t overlook even the slightest problems as it can lead to fatal accidents.

TIP #3

Clean the area and remove any debris, pebbles, or dirt. Although small, such objects can damage the diamond blade and can cause problems later on.

Tip #4

Once you have cleaned the area, make a clear mark for the path you’re going to cut. This way you’ll ensure that you won’t go off the cutting plan and deliver the clean cut that is required from you.

TIP #5

When you’re working on removing a damaged part of the asphalt, make sure to give some extra space by cutting the part wider than what is necessary.

TIP #6

Set the depth of the saw so you can correctly set it. You can do this by cutting one length of the asphalt area, stop the saw, and lift it to see if the depth is right to your liking.

TIP #7

To maintain the asphalt area, remember to immediately refill any cracks you see, and always seal coat the area every two years.

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