Choosing the right diamond blade cannot be stressed enough when it comes to doing construction jobs. With the right diamond blade, fast and efficient cutting can be accomplished while using the wrong diamond blade can only result to damage and danger in the workplace. Here are the different types of diamond blades according to category and materials.

1. Laser welded diamond blades – Diamond blades that are laser welded are more appropriate for cutting through asphalt, green concrete, reinforced concrete, metals, and other abrasive or dense materials. They are often used with extremely hard or abrasive cutting surfaces.

2. Sintered diamond blades – These types of diamond blades are used for minor jobs involving general purpose cutting of concrete, brick, block, and stone. Note that continuous rim blades are sintered because they do not have the capability of being laser welded, such as segmented diamond blades.

3. Silver brazed diamond blades – Often used for cutting marble and granite, silver brazed diamond blades are used with large diameter saw blades in quarries. Re-tipping of the segments is possible to avoid the costly replacement of the steel core. The only downside of silver brazed diamond blades is that they should be used with water, otherwise it can be damaged by excessive heat.

4. Electroplated diamond saw blades – Diamond saw blades that are electroplated have diamonds that are imbedded onto the metal base. Manufactured in a very slim manner, electroplated diamond saw blades are perfect for very high precision cutting. These diamond blades are used to cut through graphite, soft ferrite, frozen goods, and other similar materials.

There are other types of diamond blades such as turbo diamond saw blades, silent core diamond blades, and continuous rim diamond blades. However, the types mentioned above are often the most used in the construction industry. provides a full line of diamond saw blades for the construction industry, as well as other essential power tools such as cup wheels, core bits, carbide blades, and equipment.

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