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Is your diamond blade not working like it used to? If yes, then perhaps it has already worn-out. However, if you’re not sure that’s the case, then you can check these signs to be sure that your diamond blade needs to be replaced.

Here are signs you need to look out for to replace your diamond blade:

Blade’s core

A sure sign of that the blade is already worn-out is if you’re starting to see its core. This means that the synthetic diamonds are all used up. But if the segments remain extensive, all you need to do is sharpen the blade to expose new diamond grits.

Slower cut

Once you’ve noticed that your diamond blade is already cutting slower than the usual, it’s an indication that it already has worn-out. If you continue using the blade, it will eventually stop working once all the diamond grits have been used up.

Slight thumping sounds

A worn-out blade produces thumping sounds and a lot more vibrations when used. If you hear this, unplug the saw equipment immediately and inspect it. If the blade is not worn, then there’s a big chance that it is slightly loose.

Damaged part

Using a damaged blade can cause terrible accidents. So before cutting anything, make sure to inspect the diamond blade you’re using. If you see even just a small crack in the blade, immediately replace it with a new one.

Worn teeth

The metal teeth of your diamond blades eventually wear down due to use. Although the diamond grits are still usable, worn teeth won’t give you a quality cut so better replace it with a new diamond blade than take a dangerous risk.

Smooth blade

When the diamond blade has finally used all the diamond grits in its metal bond, you’ll eventually see that it looks smoother and that it does not cut the way it usually does. The blade may still cut some materials, but it would take you a long time.

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