large_8141208632We all own and love our tools, whether you’re a professional contractor or simply a weekend warrior.  We know what tools can do for the professional, or what  they help achieve in the capable hands of an artist.  Chainsaws are used to make beautiful ice sculptures, while sanders are used to polish wood and metal arts. So while we understand that, the nerds in us over here decided to take a look and let you know about what impact Tools have on our favorite things! Namely movies  and video games!

So let’s begin:

Power tools are featured prominently in horror films. The chainsaw was the first power tool to be featured in the 1969 film titled “Dark of the Sun “. The first Horror film to make a lasting impression with the chain saw was  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Considered the most famous and influential movie in horror history it would spawn many sequels, remakes and many copycat films. large_6809804201Although we love a good chain saw in a film, we are after all in the diamond blade business, and the one movie that gets our geek on is the concrete saw wielding Marie in 2003’s High Tension.  Aside from all the blood on her, there is something to be said about a woman holding a concrete saw! Other notable films that portray power tools in films are Hostel, The Last House on the Left, Evil Dead II and many more.

The first video game to feature any power tool was (ironically) Texas Chainsaw Massacre Atari game. While this game featured the chainsaw prominently, the first power tool based video game was 1994’s Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  The game featured a nail gun, blow torch and a chainsaw.  The first game to feature a circular saw blade was Mega Man.  In the game, one of the seven bosses Mega Man fights is Metal Man. Metal Man’s primary weapon was to shoot circular saw blades at high speed.  One notable game called “Limbo” has a level that features circular saw blade as obstacles.

medium_3107841432While the chainsaw dominates the majority of horror games, there is one game we absolutely love. One of the main weapons is  a futuristic circular saw fittingly called “The Ripper”. The ripper is featured as one of a few primary weapons in the game, Dead Space and Dead Space 2.  The games Main protagonist is an engineer aptly names Isaac Clarke who uses futuristic power tools to fight his way through a mining starship infested with “Necromorphs”, human corpses reanimated and mutated by an alien virus. Here is a little more about the Ripper. “The Ripper” is an industrial saw that can shred through just about anything. Its rounds are actually small radial blades that shoot out and then spin at a distance. After firing off a round, the blade will spin at a distance connected by a miniature gravity tether allowing the player to choose the blade’s path. Not only does the Ripper act as a shredder, but it can also act as a buffer between the player and approaching Necromorphs while in close quarters. The secondary function fires a single blade as a projectile that can slice through multiple enemies. Both the primary and secondary functions of the Ripper only use one blade.

In Conclusion, next time you find yourself watching a horror movie, and that iconic scene where the maniac or hero uses a circular saw or blade, you never know, it could be a Gila Tools carbide saw Blade. Oh and one final thing to consider.  If we are ever invaded by aliens and you need a tough dependable blade for your saw in order cut through the alien horde,  pick up one of our blades!

Until then happy gaming



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