Diamond blades and drill bits must be sharpened regularly to ensure consistent and even cuts. Repeated use can cause diamond blades and drill bits to become dull. Not only will this lead to frustration (for not being able to cut any material), but it also poses a risk for the user’s safety. The saw could ruin the cutting the material or worse, hurt you. Sharpening diamond blades and drill bits is a relatively easy task. It saves you money, as you don’t need to buy a replacement or pay someone to sharpen the diamond blades and drill bits for you.

To sharpen diamond blades, all you need is water, a brick or a concrete block, and of course, safety equipment.


1. Set-up the water you will be using by hooking a hook on the faucet and applying a midrange level of water pressure. Aim the water on the brick or concrete block and have it continuously run on the surface you will cut the diamond blade into.
2. Carefully turn the saw on and start cutting into the brick or concrete block. The water helps sharpens diamond saw blades because it mixes with the ruminants produced by the saw. The resulting paste-like slurry is abrasive enough to sharpen the diamond blade. Continuously doing so will wear the diamond blade down, thereby exposing new diamonds.
3. 2-3 inches of cutting into the brick or block concrete is enough. Use eye protection and wear goggles to ensure safety while sharpening the diamond blades for your saw.
4. Repeat until you’ve reached the desired sharpness of the diamond blade. It normally depends on the dullness of the blade and the abrasiveness of the brick or block concrete. The amount of water used and the blade hardness are also factors on how long the process takes.

On the other hand, here are a few tips for sharpening core bits:


1. Prevention is always better than cure so to maintain the sharpness of your diamond core drill bit, make it a habit to return them safely to their case instead of just tossing them into your toolbox. The tips are then protected from breaking while the edges from dulling.
2. Using a fine metal file, file drill bits at a repetitive angled pressure at the tip of the drill bit. You can easily test the sharpness by using the tip of your finger. Keep repeating until you have reached the desired sharpness.
3. Have an electric bench grinder hold the drill bit firmly in its core using low speed. Apply light pressure and rotate the core bits to all sides until it is sharpened. Don’t forget to cool the core bits repeatedly.
4. Insert the core bit then into a vise and continue filing the ridges using a metal file.

When handling any construction equipment, always wear safety products. These include goggles, hard hats, gas masks, and gloves. Not only will the job get done faster, but you are also ensuring your safety and the safety of the people around you.

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