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For woodworking hobbyists, saw equipment is a vital tool, especially when working on bigger projects. Saw equipment is used in cutting planks of wood along with a diamond blade, which is a type of saw blade with diamonds fixed on its edge that enables it to cut hard materials.

But just like any other blades, diamond blades tend to become dull after time especially when it is always used. The good thing though is that they can be sharpened as well. Sharpening diamond blades can be done by professional, but you have to shell out some bucks to have it done. Or if you don’t want that, you can sharpen the blades yourself.

If you want to try sharpening the blades, then here are the steps you should follow:

  • First, use a hose and spray water to the material you intend to cut. Make sure to wet the material thoroughly for this will be your basis for sharpening the diamond blade.
  • Next thing, you need to do is to turn on your saw and carefully start cutting through the material. As you do, a bit of the material will come off and get mixed with the water, forming an abrasive slurry substance. The substance itself is also a basis for sharpening the blade.
  • Cut at least two inches of the material to wear down the blade and expose the new layer of diamonds in the blade.
  • Continue cutting until you see the new layer of diamond peeking out from the blade. Once done, you can cut another material to see if the blade is sharpened correctly.

Always remember never to use dull diamond blades when cutting since it can cause damage to your saw equipment or injure you in the same process. This is because dull blades have the tendency to bounce off or spark during the cutting process. So make sure to check your blade once a while to see if they are becoming dull or not. Another way to find out if the blade is starting to wear down is if it begins to make unusual sounds. When this occurs, immediately check if the blade your using is loose or if the diamond blade you are using needs to be replaced.

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