It is a given that construction is one of the more hazardous industries to be in. A construction site poses more danger than any other work site and accounts for a huge number of injuries and fatalities in the work force every year.

Injuries can go from lacerations caused by a diamond blade cutting tool to head injuries brought about by falling debris to more long-term illnesses. To make matters worse, the settlement of compensation claims can go from months to years, and there are even cases that reach the court.

But there are ways to avoid any accident.  While it is your employer’s responsibility to provide a safe work environment, oftentimes you have your own back when you are in the work site.  Remember that precautionary measures exist because they actually work. In here are some major pointers that should be followed by you and your employer for safer working conditions.

Site assessment

It is almost imperative to have a walk-through at least in your vicinity even if daily safety inspections are conducted. Try to survey for possible dangers and bring it to the management’s attention for prompt action. These risks are discussed during the regular safety committee meetings, but there are immediate concerns that can get overlooked. Examples include machines that may not be in top condition and chemicals that aren’t properly stored. Be sure that little squeaks don’t go unnoticed. Also, emergency numbers should be posted prominently and the workers know what to do during an emergency.

Proper training

As part of their customer service, the dealers of the equipment normally provide training. The employer then relays this training to his personnel. Included in the workers’ training are the use of harness and other safety gears like hard hats, goggles, gloves, face masks, and ear plugs. In the US, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration listed major standards that cover the following:

– Scaffolding

– Fall protection

– Excavations

– Ladders

– Head protection

– Hazard communications

– Electrical 

Be sure your employer complies with all the safety requirements set by your government. A construction site is dangerous by nature already, which is why extra caution is needed.  Keep in mind that a safe working environment is the responsibility of your employer, the government, and yourself, altogether.

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