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New to using circular blades? Let us help you. Today, we’re listing down some helpful tips on using these tools. So grab a pen and paper, and make sure to take down some notes.

Here are six safety tips you should remember when using circular blades:

Make sure to inspect the blade’s teeth.

Before starting, make sure to inspect the teeth of your circular diamond blade. The quality of its teeth is important to make sure you’re going to get a clean cut. For starters, you can choose circular blades that have carbide teeth. These blades are used for robust projects and are known for their sturdy and durable design.

Always check its label.

When buying a new circular blade, make sure to check its label. The label serves as an indicator to know which saw machine its compatible with it. It also features important information like the blade’s diameter and RPM.

Don’t set the blade too deep.

Remember never to set the blade too deep. Doing such can cause severe problems. A deep-set blade is likely to cause bind and kickback during the cutting process. It’s also more dangerous because it is exposed while cutting.

Check the blade guard.

New circular saws are likely to have blade guards, designed to retract when sawing at an angle. With this in mind, remember to never start an angled cut without withdrawing the blade guard. Forgetting to do so can cause the blade to dangerously bind, and the saw to wander from the line.

Remember to cut from the start if you make a mistake.

Getting off to a crooked start can screw your cutting project. You can fix this though, but don’t try to steer the blade back. Instead, you should stop cutting, turn off the saw, and then withdraw the saw from the material. After that, adjust it back along the line and then start cutting again.

Make sure to use the saw equipment properly.

Kickback and lock-in often happen if you’re not using the blade correctly. One tip we can give to avoid such problems is by starting a shallow cut and use it as a guide before proceeding with a deeper cut. This technique also gives you a cleaner cut.


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