Safety Tips for Saw Equipment

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Safety is very important in a construction environment, especially in a project that requires concrete cutting. Saw blades are dangerous tools if not used correctly. That’s why it is essential for every staff and worker to know the basic safety guides when using saw equipment.

Inspecting the equipment.

When using saw in a cutting job, there are several things you need to inspect to ensure safety. These include making sure that the guards are well maintained and that they are correctly positioned. The diamond blade should also be straight and tight, and confirm that you are using the right blade for the saw equipment. Using the wrong one for the job can lead to accidents or further issues that can ruin the cutting job.

Ensure the blade’s quality.

Like what it was stated earlier, it is necessary to make sure that you are using the right diamond blade for the job. This means that the blade you get must meet the specifications of the saw equipment you’re using. You can do this by checking with blade application codes which were developed by SMI and the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association. The blade also needs to be of high-quality to ensure its durability.

Use the saw equipment properly.

Kickback and lock-in are two things you might encounter when using saw blades. Kickback happens when the saw jumps back toward the operator, while lock-in occurs when the blade jams in the concrete and pulls the saw away from the operation. These often happen if you’re not using the blade properly. One safe advice we can give to avoid these situations is to make a shallow cut guide before proceeding with a deeper cut.

Study the safety manual.

Every company should get their staff proper training before using the saw equipment. It is also important to maintain a safe environment and keep non-construction people away from the site for at least 100 feet away and make sure that other words are wearing PPE or proper personal protective equipment. Another good source for safety guides on cutting is CSDA. They also have online courses in saw safety to help starters.

Always use PPE.

All member of the staff who use saw equipment are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) before working. OSHA standard 1926 has even published detailed requirements for PPE in construction. PPEs mainly include the proper clothing, footwear, and hard hats. It also includes safety glasses, respirators to protect the worker from dust and silica exposure, and hearing protection. Muffs are sometimes used instead of earplugs.

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