Over time, the mortar between bricks will wear out, and if unfixed, water will be able to flow through and cause the mortar to degrade even further.


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To the unfamiliar, repointing is simply the process of repairing the mortar on your brick wall. For something very important, it is a fairly easy thing to do, obviously much easier than boring a hole using a diamond core bit. You can do it all by yourself.

How to Repair the Mortar on your brick Wall

Step 1:

Right from the start, repointing entails some care. First off, briskly removing the old mortar won’t work. Doing so will potentially weaken the brick wall. What you need to do is take on a portion of at most 5 feet wide, working on the horizontal and vertical joints. You may use a cold chisel to tap out the bricks, this way you won’t be damaging them. A good half-inch of mortar is what you need removed.

Step 2:

To be sure that the bricks and old mortar will not draw out the water from the new mortar when you place them, it is important that the brick wall is well-irrigated. Using a hose, wet it and leave it overnight. Just before putting the new mortar the following day, spray the brick wall again with water.


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Step 3:

You are now ready to put the new mortar between the bricks and the old mortar. Remember that the right mixture is very important. Mortar is a mixture of sand, lime or cement, and water. Be sure you have the right combination because if it gets too hard, it may cause damage to the bricks. Use trowels to gradually insert the new mortar. Do it in small amounts.

Step 4:

When the mortar hardens (which takes one hour at best), use wire brush to remove excess mortar. Do it in a horizontal manner. For good measures, allow five days for the mortar to completely dry.

And that’s about how confidently you can do brickwork repointing. For more tips, all you need to do is keep to this blog.



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