Woman working with her power drill.

The power drill is one of the many tools that can commonly be found in your toolbox at home alongside your diamond blade saw. Whether you’re installing a new cabinet or drilling to install screws, later on, it’s good to have a drill along with a set of drill bits for the various projects you’re going to do.

If you’re interested in doing projects at home with your power drill, here are some that you can try:

Make Candle Holders

You can make candle holders with various sizes using a spade drill bit or multi angle drill bit, and a piece of wood. Drill the hole size you want in the piece of wood you have. You can choose a large or small piece depending on your preferences. Finish the candle holder with a coat of paint and the finish you want.

Install New Cabinets

Cabinets in the bathroom.

Making new stock cabinets can really transform the appearance of your bedroom or kitchen by making the room look less cluttered. With your screwdriver and drill bit set, you can create the holes to place the screws and install the cabinets wherever you put them. Once they are in place, install the screws with your screwdriver to secure them in place. Make sure that the cabinet is always supported if it’s placed high off the floor.

Consider a New Coat Rack

Using hooks, some wood, and your power drill, you can install a new coat rack. Depending on the size you want, you may want to have the wood cut at your hardware store. With your lumber cut at the size you want, drill holes where you’re going to install the hooks. Determine where you want to hang the shelf and look for studs to secure it to the wall.

Try Plant Holders

Plants by a windowsill

Building a simple plant holder will only take at least five pieces of wood and several screws. Drill holes in each corner of the end pieces. Attach rectangular boards that are of equal length to the corner pieces at the bottom. Adjust the size of the plant holder to the pots that you’re going to put in. Assemble the pieces together with nails or screws, and proceed with the paint and finishing.

With the various tasks you can do, these are just a few projects that you can consider doing with your power drill. For more information on drills, saw blades, or other DIY projects you can do at home, check out GilaTools.com!

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