Sharpening Diamond Blades and Drill Bits

Diamond blades and drill bits must be sharpened regularly to ensure consistent and even cuts. Repeated use can cause diamond blades and drill bits to become dull. Not only will this lead to frustration (for not being able to cut any material), but it also poses a risk for the user’s safety. The saw could [...]

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Even heavy industrial equipment like a concrete saw can get worn down from all that hard work. Slicing through concrete at 2,000 rpm a day is bound to diminish the quality of your concrete saw’s performance. Understandably, you cannot go easy on your concrete saw’s workload but you can follow these basic maintenance tips to [...]

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Making Outside and Inside Circle Cuts with a Tile Saw

One would think that creating circle cuts with a tile saw is difficult but in fact, it’s relatively simple Tile saws are used to cut through tiles, ceramics, and marble. Water is needed to keep a tile saw’s blade cool and this should be factored in when cutting tiles using a tile saw. Tile saws [...]

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What are Diamond Drill Bits?

Creating a perfect circle can be quite a challenge for certain construction projects. While spear-point tools have helped achieved that goal in the past, these tools can no longer be used for newer types of materials as they do not have the ability to penetrate through concrete, blocks, bricks, tiles, granite, marble, porcelain, stone, and [...]

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Concrete is a construction material composed of cement, cementitious materials, aggregate, water, and several chemical admixtures. Through hydration, concrete hardens and solidifies making it hard to cut through. Used more than any man-made material in the world, concrete is used to make pavements, buildings, foundations, roads, motorways, bridges, walls, and even pipes. Diamond blades are [...]

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When it comes to the performance of diamond blades and drill bits, it is not just enough to have a good machine. One must fully understand the nature of diamond blades in order to maximize its use in the construction field. There are several types of diamond blades and diamond core bit and it is up [...]

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Diamond blades are sturdy and versatile tools for cutting through some of the toughest materials with excellent precision. Diamond blades are ideal for projects that involve limestone, brick/block, concrete, asphalt, glass, or natural stone. However, there is a wide selection of diamond blades available for various purposes, which must be considered before use. Selecting an [...]

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Selecting the right diamond blade for cutting requires knowledge of the principles of “controlled bond erosion”. Basically, this means that diamond blades that cut hard, dense, and less abrasive materials such as tiles, hard bricks, stone, and concrete require a softer metal matrix, while diamond blades used for cutting softer and abrasive materials should have [...]

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The world of construction is one tough field where it is normal to encounter hard and abrasive compounds. Diamond blades are designed to penetrate even the toughest materials. Diamond blades were invented for cutting convenience, but to maximize the value of diamond blades they need to be used properly.The use of diamond blades begins with [...]

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Safety is the number one priority during construction projects. Aside from basic safety rules such as wearing the right equipment when coming to the site, there are other safety rules one must adhere to, especially when working with diamond blades and diamond cutting tools. Without adhering to these rules, diamond tools can be dangerous in [...]

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