Power tools require different methods of care. To prolong any kind of product we own, we must regularly clean and perform other preventive methods to make sure we maximize its usage. A concrete saw is an example of a power tool that requires regular changing of filters. For starters, a concrete saw is used to [...]

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Diamond blades are heavy duty construction tools that should be handled with utmost care at all times. Even professionals take extra safety precautions when handling these types of equipment, so if you are using diamond blades for some concrete and masonry dry sawing, here are some safety tips to keep in mind.1. Wear proper safety [...]

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Choosing the right diamond blade cannot be stressed enough when it comes to doing construction jobs. With the right diamond blade, fast and efficient cutting can be accomplished while using the wrong diamond blade can only result to damage and danger in the workplace. Here are the different types of diamond blades according to category [...]

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A diamond tile saw is your best option if you want precision cuts on natural stone tiles and other hard tiles. Whether you want to achieve a straight cut, a corner, a curve or a sliver on a hard tile, a tile saw is your best bet. Before operating a power tool like a tile [...]

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Tear Drop Slot Tile BladesIn any construction project, it is essential to first determine what you will be working on before pinpointing which tools you need. When it comes to choosing the type of diamond saw blade for the job, you should remember that the kind of blade that you choose will greatly affect the [...]

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General Purpose BladesDiamond tools refer to tools used for cutting, grinding or drilling found in the construction business. It also refers to tools which use diamond as an abrasive cutting material, thus the name. It is used by builders, contractors, engineers, quarries and construction companies for various industrial applications such as roofing, paving, road repair [...]

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For any power tool, it is important that they are well-taken care of to maximize their shelf lives. Band saw blades are similar to welded circular blades and are used mainly at sawmills and steel service centers. Despite having the same morphological features with circular saw blades, band saw blades are often preferred over circular [...]

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For those who prefer renting concrete saws rather than purchasing one for one-time projects, there are few factors to take into consideration. First is that it’s important to understand that renting a concrete saw means you are not dealing with a brand new power tool, which is why you have to be sure that the [...]

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Choosing the Right Diamond Blade According to Use and Nature of the Stone

Previous entries in this blog have shared tips on how to select diamond blades according to specific jobs and the nature of the cutting surface. This time, we will further expound on the features of the diamond blade based on diamond segments. This can further assist you in choosing the right diamond blade for the [...]

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For your saw blades to function effectively, you need to regularly sharpen them, especially if you use them often. Sharpening helps your saw blades perform at their best at all times. It also helps prevent injuries. A dull blade can cause your saw to jump or kick back. Instead of buying a new one or [...]

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