For any power tool, it is important that they are well-taken care of to maximize their shelf lives. Band saw blades are similar to welded circular blades and are used mainly at sawmills and steel service centers. Despite having the same morphological features with circular saw blades, band saw blades are often preferred over circular [...]

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For those who prefer renting concrete saws rather than purchasing one for one-time projects, there are few factors to take into consideration. First is that it’s important to understand that renting a concrete saw means you are not dealing with a brand new power tool, which is why you have to be sure that the [...]

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Choosing the Right Diamond Blade According to Use and Nature of the Stone

Previous entries in this blog have shared tips on how to select diamond blades according to specific jobs and the nature of the cutting surface. This time, we will further expound on the features of the diamond blade based on diamond segments. This can further assist you in choosing the right diamond blade for the [...]

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For your saw blades to function effectively, you need to regularly sharpen them, especially if you use them often. Sharpening helps your saw blades perform at their best at all times. It also helps prevent injuries. A dull blade can cause your saw to jump or kick back. Instead of buying a new one or [...]

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Circular saw blades are manufactured with specific jobs in mind. It is important to use the right circular saw blade for a certain project to ensure safety in the workplace while also extending the life of the blade. Using the wrong circular blade will not only mess up a project, but it can damage the [...]

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A concrete saw is clearly one of the most powerful tools in the construction business. Concrete saws are used to cut through solid brick, concrete, asphalt, and stone with an extra sharp spinning blade. Additionally, these power tools are available in different sizes and shapes, with the hand-held saw being the most common and least [...]

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Tile saws are often used to create straight cuts on tile and porcelain surfaces. Basically, a tile saw works by spraying a stream of water onto the rotating tile saw blade as it cuts through a surface for lubrication and dust removal. To operate a tile saw safely, follow these instructions:1. Prepare the following materials: [...]

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Evaluating a Diamond Blade’s Performance

Before measuring the performance of a diamond blade, it is important to consider that there are many factors that affect a diamond blade’s performance. There are different testing procedures and methodologies to help users evaluate a diamond blade in terms of blade life, rate and straightness of cut, and the quality of surface finish relative [...]

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Early on this blog, we gave tips on how to work safely with newly purchased saw blades. While it is essential to have the proper equipment, proper handling of the power tools is equally important. Here are additional tips to follow when handling that saw blade for the first time: 1. Upon receiving your new [...]

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Buy a Masonry Saw Diamond Blade with These Tips

A masonry saw is also called a circular saw or a cut-off saw and purchasing the right masonry diamond blade is crucial in masonry-related construction jobs. To know how to purchase the right masonry diamond blade for your saw, follow these tips for a clean finish on masonry materials. 1. Through a trusted online seller, [...]

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