Go Green!  People are now more conscious about saving the earth.  This generation is becoming more aware of the effects of global warming, thus a need to be more responsible.  Campaigns about being eco friendly are ongoing left and right.  Save the earth, go green.Not all of us can actively participate in those campaigns.  But [...]

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Are you starting your own family?  Or are you a bachelor wanting some extra space away from home?  These are some of the questions that you need to consider when choosing between low-rise and high-rise apartments.  Let’s start the journey.Choosing where to rent and what type of apartment is exciting and likewise time consuming.  Investment [...]

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Your dream house is never too far to happen.  Whether you’re building a new house or buying a built one, it all depends on how you see it.  Begin with the end in mind!  Start visualizing the interior and the exterior looks of your dream house.  Your house may be your biggest investment that you [...]

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The housing bubble has impacted not only home appraisals but also in constructing new ones.  This great economic turmoil has forced a lot of people to rent instead of buying new houses.  This is indeed an opportunity during difficult times! Instead of building single detached houses, this situation points to an uptick in building rental [...]

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If money were never a problem, what would you do?  Will you tear down an old house to build a new one or are you just going to renovate and innovate?  First things first, you need to know the extent of your plans.  What is your objective in renovating and likewise with building a new [...]

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The construction industry in the US has been suffering for the last 3-5 years and it is mainly attributed to the economic unrest during 2007-2008.  You may have heard of the increased in foreclosure rates during 2007-2008, which led to the subprime crisis.   The US government induced funds through special loans as part of the [...]

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A road is also defined as a way of communicating to the other side.Roads are a means of transporting goods, services and ideas to different places.  Without these manmade structures, it is impossible to grow.  In my previous article entitled Bridge To The Future we mentioned that no matter “No matter how great you are [...]

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Cast iron pipes were originally used during the 14thcentury for cannons.  But during the 19th century, it was already used as a pressure pipe for water, gas and sewage transmission.  Cutting a cast iron pipe during that era would require having a hammer and a chisel.  But this will entail longer hours and inaccurate cuts.  [...]

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There is something about clay and food that is so interesting.  Bricks are not only used for big and classy houses or for chimneys, these clay-based blocks are also excellent partners when it comes to cooking.  The clay on the brick enhances the flavor of the food, giving you a delectable cuisine.  Bricks are made [...]

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Rebars are crucial to construction.  It reinforces the concrete, preventing it from collapsing.  A rebar is manufactured in various grades and specifications, and ranges from #3 rebar up to #18 rebar.  The minimum yield strength of the bar is equal to the grade designation of the rebar.  A grade #60 is commonly used in concrete [...]

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