The exteriors of a home.

If you’re looking for home improvement projects to do, one area of your home that you should focus on is your exteriors. Not only will you be improving your home’s curb appeal, but you can also expect your home’s value to improve.

Improving your home’s exteriors doesn’t have to involve spending thousands of dollars and hiring contractors, there are projects that you can do on your own providing you have the right tools like your diamond blade saw and other equipment.

Here are some of the projects that you can do to spruce up your home’s exteriors:

Improve Your Front Door

the front door of a house.

Depending on the type of front door you have, you can try repainting, staining, or re-furnishing. Maybe replacing the front door altogether might work to give the front of your home a new look. Try adding intricate details, or paint it a whole new color that will stand out from the rest of the house.

Wash and Repair Your Home’s Exteriors

Your exteriors over the years might have collected dirt or have been damaged. This reduces the aesthetic appeal of your outdoors so what you should do is clean the siding, brick, or concrete exteriors. You’re going to need your brush, hose, and cleaning solutions. If repairs or replacements need to be done, your power tools should be ready.

Try Installing Solar Powered Lamps

Here’s a win-win. Your outdoor spaces will get more lighting at night without having to add to your electric bill. These solar powered lamps are a great addition that can help make your home and your yard beautiful even at night.

Retouch Your Deck and/or Fences

If your home has a deck, give it back its wooden finish with a face lift. Clean the floor first with deck cleaner then let that sit for 10 minutes then rinse the wood. Once dry, apply a waterproof stain. You can also apply this to retouching your fence. Now your deck and fence can have that wooden finish back, and it can stay protected against water damage.

Try Your Hand at Landscaping

The garden with flowers and plants.

One of the most noticeable changes that can affect your home’s curb appeal is the landscaping. If you have a green thumb, try your hand at planting flower beds, remove the weeds, add mulch, and watering the soil. Marigolds, phlox, and pansies are a good option that can add impact without you having to spend too much.

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