New Year’s resolution is basically our way of self contemplation about how to make ourselves better. Yearly, it has been a tradition for us to jot down a list of resolutions just before, right or after the New Year ball drops in; meaning plotting and setting our own personal, financial, social, professional or emotional goals in the hopes for improving our way of life.

With this list, we thrive to straighten the things we ought to change mainly for self-preservation, as well as for the betterment of our everyday living.

That being said, your list of resolution should also include home improvement. This is to make sure your space accommodates well with the life changes that you’re aiming to fulfill in the coming days ahead.

Have you done your home improvement list yet?

Here is ours:

Plan, research and forecast before deciding to remodel/renovate – First and foremost, think of the long term effects of your home makeover plans in terms of longevity, trend and functionality.

Know your budget – Remodeling and renovation is pretty much a costly undertaking. That’s why you have to carefully consider your budget allotment. Resist your temptations of overspending and stick to your budget on tools and manpower; meaning if you think you only need a couple tiles, few paint cans and a number of diamond blades to tweak the details of your kitchen, don’t go overboard on your expenses by overhauling the entire room.

Go for quality materials – Don’t go stingy in buying materials for your renovation/remodel. It may cost you a bit more, but rest assured it will be all worth it. High-grade materials tend to last longer than sub-standard ones, thus saving yourself the hassles of expenses due to unexpected repairs.

Make sure to religiously schedule a monthly general cleaning – Or at least every quarterly. Apart from your routine cleaning, appoint a scheduled general cleaning to ensure pests and parasites don’t invade your home space. This includes inspection of equipment and other home fittings for damages and repairs.

Keep it spacious – Because despite how clean and neat the house is, it will still look unwelcoming, not to mention outdated, if there are unnecessary furniture, fixtures, appliances and cabinetries lying around the house.

Organize everything – Come up with a systematic way of organizing your stuff, from garage stuff all the way to bedroom must-haves. According to your needs in a specific room, assign cabinets and drawers for safekeeping devices and label them for easy access.

Slash off energy consumption – Pretty much a broad term, but one can always start practicing how to save energy by switching off unnecessary equipment or any other electricity-powered fittings when not in use/not needed. Moreover, LED lights and Energy Star-certified products are the way to go when it comes to house appliances and fixtures.

Learn DIY – Because what better way to save a couple of more bucks on repairs and manpower than do-it-yourself, right? Learn some DIY basics by checking out DIY-dedicated sites online. In addition, you can also look for pegs, references and inspirations on Pinterest. Lastly, make it a point to know, study and research various power tools to know their basic uses, as well as to utilize it for other repair and quick fix needs.

Have a warm and cozy 2015 to all of you, from all of us here at Gilatools!

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