Worker standing in concrete.

If you’re a professional contractor that works with concrete a lot, you need to have the complete set of tools necessary for you to provide top notch services to your clients. Having the right tools will help you reduce operations costs and help you perform necessary tasks more efficiently. Along with your diamond blade saw, here are the other tools that you’re going to need:


These are necessary to smooth the surfaces of concrete. They are available in various sizes which can be used for specific projects; some screeds can be used for buildings, bridges, and road work.


Once you use a screed to smoothen the surface of the concrete, floats will help you fill any small voids in the concrete. Floats help create a more leveled surface.

Concrete Saws

Whenever necessary, concrete joints need to be cut to prevent the whole concrete block from cracking. You’re going to need your saws and tough diamond blades to be able to cut into the material as the concrete sets.

Rubber Boots and Gloves

Rubber gloves are necessary whenever you’re handling concrete. The concrete along with the admixtures in the cement can cause skin irritation. These should be paired with rubber boots that will allow you to work while you’re standing in concrete and protect you against skin irritation.


A portable mixer is a useful tool that will allow you to mix small amounts of concrete while you’re at the work site.


Wheelbarrows lined up in a row.

To move smaller amounts of concrete easier, a wheelbarrow is a simple piece of equipment that you can use. You can also use it to sample concrete.


To fill small voids with small amounts of concrete in hard to reach areas, a shovel will help.

Pail and Bucket

Whenever there are dry or humid conditions at the work site, a pail and bucket are necessary to make sure the concrete is more manageable during the finishing process.

Groove Cutters

Groove cutters are used to induce cracking or prevent it at specific areas of the concrete. Cracking due to shrinkage can happen, but with your groove cutter, you can make the concrete finish smoother.

Curing Compound

Worker in a tunnel of concrete.

Curing compounds will help reduce cracks and help concrete set at the right time. There are different other tools to be used to apply this compound.

With these tools, you can make your work with concrete much more efficient so you can offer better services to your clients. If you need more information on tools and construction, you can check out!


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