worker cutting into metal.

If you’re an avid DIYer, you’re going to need a wide selection of tools at home to be able to do different projects involving various materials. If you’re planning to do a project that requires cutting metal, you’re going to need the appropriate tools like diamond blades to cut through the material.

Here are a few pieces of equipment that you’re going to need:

Cold Saw

This is a special kind of circular saw that operates at low speed. The low speed helps let the metal stay cool as you cut. If you use a diamond blade on the cold saw, the cut becomes smooth. Cold saws are mainly used to cut steel tubing.

Die Cutting Machine

Think of a die cutting machine like a cookie cutter. This equipment has two parts, the punch and die. With this tool, you can cut the metal into the designated shape that you need. This works on sheet metal and foil sheets.


Machine cutting into metal.

The laser is one of the most powerful cutting equipment in your workshop. It is capable of cutting metal of various thickness depending on the power of the laser. An industrial cutting laser produces a high-intensity beam that can help you easily cut the metal you’re working on for your project.


The hacksaw is one of the most common pieces of equipment used to cut metal found in the workshop. It uses a thin blade to cut through metal. It is a versatile tool that can cut both thin sheets or thicker metal.


Worker using a torch on metal.

Torches are another piece of equipment that’s capable of cutting using heat. Torches melt away metal in the area where you apply it. Cutting with a torch makes the metal break away from the rest of material. Sculpting with metal is one of the most common uses for the torch. It is capable of cutting through metal that is 12 inches thick.

With the right equipment ready in your tool box, you’re prepared to cut metal for your next DIY project. If you need more information about various DIY tools you may need, check out!

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