Texas is well known for its Fajitas, chili and barbeque grilled food.  With its deep roots of Hispanic and Mexican influences, Texas is indeed a home for good grub and great servings.  If you are in another state and you just want a Texan inspired kitchen, you can do it even if you have a limited space.  With the help of some diamond tools such as a diamond blade, a cup wheel and a core bit drill, this project would be a lot easier.

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Texas inspired kitchen would mean bigger spaces.  It implores the feeling of liberty like you would experience running around a country ranch.  It covers both the rustic and the relaxed elements of a Texan Ranch.  So how do you create a Texan Inspired kitchen if you are in a bustling city like New York?

Here is a simple guide on how you can maintain this rustic feel while living in a busy city.

1.     Start with the colors.  Prints and colors are the most significant when trying to bring the Texan feel into your kitchen.  Brown and tan colors will do the trick.  Having a rope print and cowhide prints will also help you project a ranch-style look.
2.     Rustic furniture.  A ranch inspired kitchen would need wooden furniture’s and rustic cabinets.  Since you have a smaller space, you can consider tacking the cabinets upwards.  Always remember that a Texan inspired kitchen is all about big space.  Clutter can make any kitchen feel and look smaller.  So in order for you to have a feeling of a Texan inspired kitchen in a space that is so limited, you should adjust your furniture’s and appliances.  But if you can find a small bullhorn that you can hang on you kitchen wall, that would definitely seal the Texan feel.  Use a core bit in drilling your wall for the bullhorn.  Aesthetics.   You can also have Alamo inspired tile work to make it more authentic.  Using a diamond blade will help you in cutting these Alamo stones that would fit your requirement.  Combination of custom countertop and rusted corrugated steel projects rugged ranch style experience.
Your kitchen is where every great and memorable conversation happens.  Be creative, think out of the box. Remodel your kitchen now! Don’t limit your ideas to what your space dictates.  Make your kitchen the Texan way!

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