A good diamond blade should last a long time. But depending on how hard and how often it is abused during operation, it may give out faster than advertised.

It is but natural for diamond blades to retire more quickly than expected especially if they are subject to tremendous amount of pressure on a regular basis. But how would you know if the blade has had enough and needs to be replaced? Here are a couple of signs:


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When the diamond segments are worn out. Long and continued use will eventually take its toll on the diamond segments, which are practically the function parts of the diamond blade. Diamond blades don’t have dull edges as in knives so you may not know it’s badly damaged until you check on the segments. As we mentioned in one of the past articles, the diamonds are impregnated into the segments. If the blade cuts slower than normal and eventually stops cutting, then the segments are most definitely worn out.

If the blade core has worn out spots. This you also have to check prior to cutting as wear may also be evident on the blade core. Again, when this happens, the blade will begin to cut slower and slower until it is unable to cut anymore. But keep in mind that cutting speed is not the only indication of a diamond blade’s life. Nothing works better than regularly checking the blade for any damage. Sometimes they only need to be run through an abrasive material instead of quickly resorting to a replacement.

If your blade is too hard for the material being cut, then it will certainly wear out easily. In other words, learn how to use your tool properly. None worse than a man who insists that he can but really cannot.





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