Ceramic Tile

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Tile, unlike wood, is more likely to chip which make it harder to cut. This is the reason why they use wet saws to deliver a clean cut. Wet cutting requires a constant supply of water to cover the blade and avoid it from overheating due to its fast rotation. Aside from that, you also need to learn the basic cutting techniques to prevent any mistakes.

Here are five important tips you need to remember when cutting a ceramic tile:

Learn the basic square cutting.

When cutting tiles, it is important to learn the basics. First, make sure to mark the tile with lead or grease pencil. After marking, place it on the sliding saw-bed and line up the diamond blade with the cutting mark. Steadily hold the tile on both sides of the cutting line and then slowly push it into the blade. Near the end of the tile, gently push the two halves of the tile together to prevent it from breaking before the cut is complete.  

Cutting a straight line.

To cut a straight line in the tile, let the water flow and cover the blade before you start cutting. Make sure to watch the line mark as you cut and carefully adjust the position of the tile and keep the blade on the line. Slowly move the tile through the blade for a quality cut. Remember that if you hear the saw slow down, you are cutting too fast, and that harder material also requires slower feed rates.

Doing diagonal cuts.

When cutting a diagonal line in a tile, start by aligning the blade with the marking line. If the tile happens to be larger and can’t fit between the fence and blade, just lay it on top of the fence. Carefully hold it in position and guide it through the saw. For shiny tiles which is hard to mark, you can use a strip of masking tape and place it on top of the tile then mark it.

Slicing a sliver.

Cutting a sliver of tile is quite hard and requires clear precision. Start by placing a scrap of tile against the edge of the tile you want to cut. Push both of the pieces through the blade and repeat the process until you trimmed enough. Removing a tiny sliver of tile is hard because the blade often wanders off the edge of the tile. To avoid this, place the blade between the tile you want to trim and a scrap.

How to prevent the tile from chipping.

Some types of tiles are more likely to break than others. To prevent the tile from chipping during your cut, press both halves of the tile together until the cut is complete. Also, make sure to adjust the cut the depth of the blade into the tile. 1/8 inches is the safest depth to start with. The blade should also not cut through more than half of the tile’s thickness. The consistent water supply of your saw equipment is also important to prevent the diamond blade from overheating, which can affect the quality of your cut.

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