sharpen a tile blade will give a best cut

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All blades lose their sharpness over time. Continous rim blades, for example, use grits of diamond to grind through ceramic tiles at high speeds. However, the diamond grits on their edges eventually wear down and glaze over especially if you always use them to cut harder ceramic materials. Good thing though, there is a way to sharpen them back so you can use them again.

For today, we’re going to teach you on how to sharpen your tile blade:

What you’ll need:

A concrete block or brick


Running water


Step 1

First, hook the water hose to a faucet. Adjust the valve until your using a midrange level of water pressure. Have the water running over the concrete block or brick that you’re going to use as a sharpening block.

Step 2

Turn your saw on, and then carefully start cutting into the sharpening block. Be sure to wear goggles to keep your eyes safe.

Step 3

Cut two inches into the sharpening block four or five times while having the water running over the block. As the water runs over the block, it will mix with the ruminants produced by the saw and produce a paste-like slurry that is abrasive enough to sharpen the saw blade.

Step 4

Repeat the above step until the diamond blade saw is sharp. The number of steps you need to repeat the step depends on the dullness of the blade.

Step 5

Once done, turn off both the saw and the coolant flow then wait for the blade to stop spinning.  After that, examine the entire edge of the blade for freed diamond grit. Carefully drag your thumb over the edge of the blade to feel if there are still any dull spots. If there is none, then you can now use the diamond blade saw to cut tiles again.

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