Tile saws are used for cutting several tile materials which include clay-fired, porcelain, marble, glass, and stone tiles. For example, wet tile saws operate via water-cooled diamond blades that create a clean and professional finish for cutting tiles. Granite uses wet tile saws because of its hardness. It also has the ability to make round, curved, and straight sliver cuts.

Here are instructions on how to properly replace a tile saw blade


1. Tile saws normally have a protective cover that encompasses over half or three-quarters of the blade. There should be a hinge so users can raise it upon changing the blade. If your tile saw has a wing nut that tightens the cover, remove it and raise the cover, exposing the blade.
2. Using an adjustable wrench, loosen the nut located at the center of the blade and remove it. Slide the blade towards you off of the thread.

3. Holding the new tile saw blade, inspect the new blade. Some tile blades require installation in one specific side only. If this is the casse, there should be arrows that point to the direction where you will lide the blade into the thread. Once you’ve find the arrows, slide the new blade on the threads.

4. Replace the nut and tighten it as firmly as possible but avoid over-tightening the nut as it may damage the saw. You can turn back a quarter to ensure the right amount of tightness.
5. Cover the tile saw and replace the wing nut if needed.

When handling power tools, it is always best to wear safety equipment to protect the eyes, lungs, hands, and other body parts from injuries and accidents. GilaTools.com offers the highest quality of diamond products and power tools for the construction industry.

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