How to Prevent Saw Kickbacks

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Kickbacks can be very dangerous and can cause serious injuries. That’s why, as much as possible, it’s important to do all preventive measures to avoid them from happening. So for today’s article, we listed down these measures you should follow to prevent any kickback from happening while you’re doing a cutting project.

Inspect the blade and saw equipment.

Before cutting anything, make sure to double check all the equipment you’re going to use. This is to ensure that your machine won’t cause any problems once you start cutting the wood. Aside from checking your saw, you should also inspect your blade for any damages to prevent accidents from happening.

Don’t set the blade too deep.

As much as possible, avoid setting the diamond blade too deep when cutting. Doing so when cutting makes it more prone to bind and kickbacks. It’s also more dangerous because the blade is more exposed.

Use a riving knife.

A riving knife is a splitter tool that looks like a surfboard fin, installed into place behind the diamond blade with its curvature facing the saw. This helps prevent the wood from getting caught in the back of your saw, which can cause a sudden kickback if it accidentally drifts away from the fence.

Install a splitter.

The splitter works similar to the riving knife. The tool works by holding the kerf open behind your saw blade, which then prevents the wood from pinching the back of your blade. This also prevents the pieces of wood from getting in between the fence and causing a kickback.

Use a push stick.

Use a push stick instead of holding the wood and push it to the saw using your hand. Although it does not necessarily prevent saw kickbacks, it is a preventive measure to ensure that your hand isn’t anywhere near the table if ever a kickback happens.

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