A brick is a ceramic material used in building, pavements and block paving.  Although used in building houses that have withstand the test of time, bricks also have limitations.  Some don’t use bricks when they know that they are inside an earthquake prone area.  Bricks can easily crumble in a time such as this.  Likewise in drilling a hole for piping or cable requirements.  Bricks can crack or get damaged if you will not use the right tools.  Having high quality diamond tools such as a cup wheel or a diamond drill core bit can easily lighten your project.  Below is a step-by step guideline on how to drill that perfect hole without damaging and hurting the look of your old brick stone.
1.     Get the accurate hole size.  Determine how big the hole should be.  It is normally a little bit bigger than what you will put through the hole.  Determine the length of the hole before purchasing the drill bit.
2.     Purchase the right drill bit.  Go online to know the right tools that you would need.  Heck your drill before buying the core bit.  Your drilling machine should match the size of the bit.  Some bits are larger than the size of your drill.
3.     Check your wall plans if you have any.  Make sure that you will not hit any pipes or cables or metal when you start drilling the hole.
4.     Wear your gloves and safety goggles as precaution.
5.     Mark the spot and create a small hole.  To make it easier, drill through the mortar instead of drilling through the brick.  This will prevent you from cracking the brick itself.  Drilling through the mortar will also lengthen the lifespan of your diamond bit since it will not cause too much stress on the bit.
6.     As you have created that small hole,this will serve as a guide for the actual drilling of a bigger hole.  Pause every 10-15seconds and try to wet the bit.
7.     Put your cable through the hole and seal it with putty.  Repeat process for more hole requirements.
Having the right tool and the right guide can make your wok easier and will also protect the elegant look of your bricks.  Get the best diamond core bit available online.

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