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Believe it or not, cutting with a dirty saw blade can actually affect the outcome of your project. As you see, similar to razors, dirty diamond blades produce rougher cuts that could lead to a dissatisfying result. That’s why for today, we decided to create a step-by-step procedure on how you can clean your diamond blades.

Just follow these instructions, and I’m sure that your blade will become clean as new, and would deliver the working quality that you wanted.


Choose a cleaning solution for your diamond blade. There are several cleaning solutions in the market, but you must pick something that won’t harm the carbide tips of your blade and will not affect the binder which holds the synthetic diamonds in place.


Dilute or mix a part of the cleaning solution with two or three parts of water in a shallow container.


Carefully place the blade in the container and soak it until all of its parts is wet. Leave it for a few minutes.


After letting it soak, dust and dirt will soften, and you will be able to scrub it off quickly. Use a small brush to scrub the blade’s teeth and all the gunky areas, just be careful when it comes to the teeth since they are sharp and can easily pierce through your skin.


Once all of the dirt is gone from the blade, rinse it in running water then dry it with paper towels. Once all dry, you can now re-install the blade back to the circular saw.


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