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A circular blade is used for a lot of things from DIY projects to concrete cutting jobs. But it is important to determine what type of circular blade is perfect for the job you have in mind. That’s why for today’s post, we’re giving you a few tips on how to choose the right circular blade.

Let’s go over each one of them:

Check the blade name.

One of the best ways to make sure that you are using the right blade for the job is to check its name. For example, masonry blades are used for cutting concrete, while a flooring blade is used for cutting flooring materials such as linoleum, glass tiles, or hardwood slats.  

Inspect the teeth of the blade.

The quality of your blade’s teeth is essential if you’re working on a project that requires a clean cut. You can also choose one that has carbide teeth, which are designed to deliver long life despite being used in the most robust application.

Consider a rip blade.

For those cutting along the grain of the wood, you might want to choose a rip blade. Since a plank of wood is less likely to chip and splinter when it is being cut with the grain, a rip blade is required which is designed to quickly cut and remove material efficiently.

Choose a combination blade.

Aside from rip blade, there is also the combination blade which is mostly used in cutting plywood or other cross-cutting projects. Combination blades are widely used as well because they are multipurpose, and can be used for ripping, cross-cutting, or cutting beveled edges to create corner and joints. Combination blades are the perfect choice for hobbyist and handyman.

Check its label.

When buying a circular diamond blade, whether online or at the shop, it is essential to check its label. Its label will be your indicator to know which saw equipment it is compatible with, along with other information such as its diameter and RPM. This is also important in determining the quality of the blade you purchased.

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