how to sharpen a tile blade

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A diamond blade is a construction tool used with saw equipment to cut abrasive materials such as metal, concrete, asphalt, glass, ceramic tiles, and bricks. These blades are known for the synthetic diamonds fixed on its edge, which makes it capable of cutting such hard materials.

But how does a diamond blade actually work?

The wrong conception most people have is that diamond blades cut when they actually don’t. The diamond blade actually works through grinding. Like it was stated earlier, it has synthetic diamonds in its edge which does the grinding.

As the saw equipment works to rotate the diamond blade, the exposed diamonds in the surface then grind the material which cuts it into a fine powder. After several passes through the abrasive material, the exposed diamonds in the blade will begin to crack and fracture. The bond matrix in the blade will also start to wear off too. The diamonds then break up, and all of its fragments are swept away with the material it is grinding.

The synthetic diamonds in the blade then wears down and fractures, the metal bond then exposes new sharp diamond points which enables it to cut abrasive materials again. This cycle continues until all the diamonds and metal bond matrix in the blade are gone. Once the cutting section of the blade has worn down and is entirely consumed, the blade will no longer grind. At this point, it means that you need a new diamond blade.

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