Tools that can be used for DIY.

Doing even basic home improvement projects can be a costly undertaking. Quality materials and equipment can run up your budget. One way to save on your construction costs is by considering using recycled or salvaged materials. These materials can offer you a cheaper alternative, the quality of which can even match newer materials.

If you’re looking for a new project with your diamond blade saw, here are a few suggestions:

Build a New Deck

A home with a deck.

Building a new deck for your home is one of the few projects that it might be more beneficial to use recycled materials instead of newer ones. Make the deck from salvaged wood or wood waste for a composite material that can offer a natural look and better longevity.

Composite decking can be a little pricier than using new material, but in the long run it can save you on costs because the composite material won’t rot, warp, or discolor even after a few years of exposure to the weather.

Build New Shelves

Using salvaged wood that you can find around your home – try old tables or bookcases. You can also try to go to garage sales or thrift stores to look for older furniture and break down the pieces into something you can use for your shelves.

Upgrade the Interior Doors

Doing a door upgrade is a fairly simple project that you can do at home. All you’re going to need is the recycled wood along with your power saw and drill. Cut the recycled wood to fit the existing door frame. You can even use the hinges, lockset, and knob from the old door unto the new one. Using recycled materials can provide significant savings since new doors can cost $100 to $200.

Installing New Baseboards

baseboard lining the wall.

Baseboard prices can rise quickly because stores would charge you for each foot of wood you might need. If you have a diamond blade saw, you can opt to use recycled wood instead. You can stain the older wood to look like baseboards.

These are just some projects to consider doing with recycled materials as there are much more you can try to do. For more information on more home improvement projects or power tools like diamond blade saws, check out!


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