With hardwood flooring, loose boards are a common problem. Over time, hardwood floors get loose due to because of humidity, changes in temperature, or settling of the house.


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Good thing it can be repaired easily. What you do is work from down the floor and set screws where need be. The screw that is drilled into the wood will keep the board in place and pull it right into the subfloor to prevent it from moving . You need to be careful though so as not to damage  the pipes and cables underneath.

Here’s a little more detailed process you may want to follow to secure those loose boards:

  1. First you have to be sure that the screws you are going to use are a quarter inch shorter than the thickness of the wood and subfloor combined. Mark by placing a piece of tape onto the diamond core bit to the thickness of the flooring. Bore a hole into the subfloor (he bit you use should be the size of the screws).
  2. Now get a thinner bit and moderately drill into the floor. Do it carefully so as not to damage the flooring.
  3. To end the project, you will need wax which you will rub onto the screw threads. Of course you need to slip washers over them. Using a screwdriver, screw the screws  from the holes and into the flooring.

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Yes, it is that easy. Securing loose boards is certainly one DIY job you can easily do. Be sure to always observe safety when doing such projects. Remember that however simple a task seems, you are always at risk for injuries if you neglect safety precautions. For more tips and pointers, all you need to do it keep to this website.

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