Bottom-line is to minimize overall effect of the building environment on the environment and the human health.
Greener structures or green building is geared towards responsible and resource-efficient construction of a structure with utmost consideration of the environment.  The designer, architect and the engineer works hand in hand to ensure that the building is environmentally efficient all through out the designing, constructing and even during the demolition process.  Although they will still use diamond specialty tools such as the diamond core bit and diamond blades, their goal is to minimize waste and pollution while building the structure.
With today’s awareness of global warming and the real life experiences of the effects of damaging the environment, going green is slowly picking up in all areas and aspects of human life especially in the construction industry.  An advocate of the environment doesn’t have to go out there and fight the big fight to let the whole world know that RED INDUSTRIES are causing the negative effects that people are experiencing right now.  It can start in building green homes or structures.  It can start within their homes.
There are various ways and techniques involved in going green in terms of construction but then again it is pointed towards one objective, which is to minimize if not eliminate the effects of building a house or any structure to the environment and the human health.  There are techniques like using solar energy and using nature itself like the trees and the plants for roofing or using wood as a construction material.
But what are the principles behind this Green Revolution in the construction industry?  Topmost reason why going green is picking up in this industry is because of the issue surrounding energy deficiency.  Energy needs are rising and with the continuous growth of the world’s population, energy has become one of the resources that may soon be in threat.  Promoting and encouraging the people behind the construction industry to really push for greener structures would definitely help in maximizing the use of reusable resources and eliminate the effects of building and maintaining the structure to the environment.  Designers are now looking into eliminating air leaks in a structure and designing structures that will maximize the use of reusable energy such as solar, hydro and wind power.
Another notable principle of green revolution is being efficient in terms of materials being used in the construction of a structure.  Logic behind is the use of reusable and renewable materials such as plants and trees or materials that are non-toxic and those that will not cause harm to the environment.
Water efficiency is also a key principle in a sustainable structure.  Recycling and reusing water by collecting, filtering and reusing is the logic behind this principle.  Sad part about this is that even water used in flushing toilets are to be collected, filtered and be used again.  Buildings can reuse their water for other purposes such as watering the plants or cleaning the structure as part of maintenance.
No matter how many techniques and principles are behind this green revolution concept, what matters most is that your objective which is to minimize if not eliminate the abuse of use of our natural resources and eliminate the effects of building a structure on the environment and most importantly to human health.  Using diamond tools are one way of advocating this campaign.  Using such tools will minimize work hours therefore minimize use of energy or electricity.  Go for GREEN!

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