Extending Life of Diamond Blade

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Compared to other saw blades in the market, diamond blades are likely pricier due to the reason that they use synthetic diamonds. That’s why as much as possible, users strive to extend the life of their diamond blades.

That’s why for today, we’re giving useful tips on how you can do that. Let’s check them out!

Inspect the diamond blade thoroughly before using.

Before you start cutting, always inspect your saw machine and diamond blade. Check if it is in excellent condition. Also, make sure to check its sharpness, if not then sharpen the blade before using it. If ever you found any cracks on it, then discard it ASAP. After you are done inspecting, go through the saw machine next to make sure that no problems will occur while you’re using it.

Always make sure to set the proper blade depth.

Setting the proper blade depth is important if you want to extend the life of your diamond blade. Aside from that, setting it too deep can cause problems, and poses a danger to the user. It can cause the blade to bind and kick back, damaging a project and saw machine. With this in mind, make sure to always set the right depth for your blade when cutting.

Always use the right blade for the cutting job.

There is a reason why there are different types of blades. Turbo rim blades are faster and are designed to cut materials like tile, stone, and masonry. Continuous rim blade is used explicitly for wet cutting and designed for a cleaner cut which is used for porcelain and tiles. There are the segmented rim blades which are more durable and are used for dry cutting abrasive materials like concrete and brick.

Avoid overheating the blade.

Last but not least, avoid any circumstances that can overheat your diamond blade. An overheated one can damage your saw machine. To prevent it from overheating, you can follow these two tips: (1) for dry cutting blades, make sure to take breaks from cutting so it won’t get too hot from friction, while (2) for wet cutting blades which uses water as a coolant aid, make sure that you have a constant supply of water during the whole cutting process.


By following these tips, you can make sure that you can fully extend the service life of your newly bought diamond blade.

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