Before measuring the performance of a diamond blade, it is important to consider that there are many factors that affect a diamond blade’s performance. There are different testing procedures and methodologies to help users evaluate a diamond blade in terms of blade life, rate and straightness of cut, and the quality of surface finish relative to the material cut. Additionally, users should remember that different manufacturers have different methodologies, which may produce various results.

However, there are three main criteria users should use to evaluate a diamond blade’s performance:

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1. Cutting Efficiency – efficiency is the rate with which a diamond blade can cut an area per unit time. A diamond blade’s cutting efficiency is reflective of the blade’s sharpness which is the most important factor a user should take into consideration and it should meet the user’s cutting efficiency requirement. A coarser diamond grit or/and lower diamond concentration could enhance the diamond blade’s sharpness to reach the cutting efficiency requirement prescribed by the user.

2. Service Life – A diamond blade’s service life reflects its durability and is often measured along with the total area it can cut. After meeting the cutting efficiency requirement and should it meet the user’s standard, consumers should then pay attention to a diamond blade’s service life. Conversely, a higher diamond concentration combined with finer diamond grit is sufficient to extend the usability life of a diamond blade.

3. Processing Quality – The processing quality is the manufacturing quality of a diamond blade. It is basically the quality of the cutting material which in this case is a diamond blade. When evaluating a diamond blade’s processing quality, some factors that should be considered are the flatness, roughness, parallelism of the two cutting sides, and the integrity of the edges. is an online store of quality diamond blades perfect for the construction industry. Included in its roster of high performance products are diamond saw blades, cup wheels, diamond core bit, equipment, wood blades, and construction tools.

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