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Working with a table saw blade is a dangerous job. Several problems may occur while cutting the wood, one of which is the kickback. It happens when the wood suddenly propels back at a fast speed, leading to severe injuries. That’s why it is utterly important to know the safety procedures and to use safety equipment to prevent such situations.

Here are the types of equipment you can use to prevent a kickback from happening while working with your table saw:

Riving Knife

A riving knife is a piece of equipment you add to your table saw blade to prevent or eliminate a kickback. It is an adjustable splitter that is shaped like a surfboard fin and is locked into place behind the diamond blade with its curvature facing the saw. It also prevents the wood from getting caught in the back of the saw if it accidentally drifts away from the fence.


A splitter is another alternative besides the riving knife. It holds the kerf open behind the saw blade, which prevents the wood from either closing in or pinching the back of the blade. It also prevents the stock from getting in-between the fence and blade which usually cause a kickback. It often looks like a nub which sticks up and serves the same purpose as the riving knife.

Push Stick

A push stick is a piece of equipment you can either buy or make on your own. It is the ultimate must-have table saw safety equipment. Instead of using your hands to push the wood to the saw and be cut, a push stick is used instead. The push stick will ensure that your hand is not anywhere near the table saw if ever a kickback happens accidentally. This protects you from getting hurt by the wood, or worse, getting cut by the blade.


Lastly, always remember to wear safety gears when working with a table saw and remain attentive throughout the cutting process. Like they say, better safe than sorry.

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