It is common knowledge that diamond blades need sufficient water during operation. Not only will it keep the dust from flying around, it will also help extend its life. But you won’t be wet cutting all the time. In some cases, dry cutting is the more appropriate thing to do.

An obvious example is when you are using certain electrical power tools, which makes it unsafe to integrate water into the operation. Water, no matter how abundant it is, may not be available in a particular area so you have no choice but to resort to dry cutting. Such is the case when you are working in an area that has to be kept dry for some reasons.

Here are a few tips for when you have to do some dry cutting:


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First things first. If you are not using the correct tool for the job, you shouldn’t be cutting in the first place. While there is such a thing as general purpose blades, using the appropriate type of diamond blade is most advisable.

There are blades that cannot be used for dry cutting. Your choice would be dry cutting-specific laser-welded diamond blades. Others are designed differently, and when used, could affect the life span of the blade in a negative way. Keep in mind that there are blades that are strictly for wet-cutting. Generally though, blades for dry cutting can likewise be used for wet cutting, as long as there is sufficient water.

As we always say, use the blade properly. When wrongly used, the blade may get damaged, not to mention it can injure the operator and other people in the work place.

Since dry cutting does not involve water, it’s the air that acts as coolant. This is why slow and intermittent cutting should be done to allow the air to do its job. Also, be sure not to force the blade into the material as it may cause damage to the blade.

Dry-cutting is something many aren’t used to doing. So, it is especially important that you acquire the needed  knowledge before you begin any operation.




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