Wood working blade on a table

Getting the best cuts on your woodworking project is a matter of doing the right cutting techniques, and the right saw blade. A diamond blade, carbide blades, and other specialty blades are available at your local hardware store or online. But before you buy, you need to understand the different types of blades and how you can use them for your woodworking projects.

To get the woodcuts that you want for your DIY projects, here are the different types of saw blades and their applications:

Rip Blades

The rip blade is primarily designed to be able to cut along the grain of the wood you have. They have fewer teeth when compared to crosscut blades, but the teeth are set deeper into the blade. This characteristic allows the rip blade to cut into the grain quickly by ‘ripping’ away at the material thus the name. But because of the speed of its cut, it won’t leave a clean finish.

Crosscut Blades

Blade cutting into wood.

The crosscut blade makes use of its thickness (or kerf) and chisels/carbides that alternate cutting wide left and wide right between each tooth of the blade. This helps you produce a cleaner cut on the wood you’re cutting.

Combination Blades

Combo blades combine the cutting abilities of the rip blade and the crosscut blade. Combination blades can come in different numbers of teeth, as low as 24 and as high as 80. An important thing to remember is when you have more teeth, you’ll have a finer finish on the wood.

Specialty Blades

wood working blade on a table.

For special jobs in woodworking, there are specific blades that you can use, such as the dado blade. These are blades that are adjusted to a certain angle to create a dado. This a groove cut into the face of a board where another board can be fixed. Remember though, that using a specialty saw like a dado blade may also need you to use a specialized saw, in this case, a table saw.

Understanding how these blades work and how they should be used can help you get the most use and value out of them. If you’re looking for quality diamond or carbide blades that can help you cut beautifully into wood, check out GilaTool.com!


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