Different Concrete Cutting Techniques

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If you’re working in the construction sector, it’s a given fact that almost every construction project requires concrete cutting. And in concrete cutting, there are several tools you can use as well as different mechanisms to ensure a clean finish product.

Here are the different concrete cutting techniques:

Concrete Wall Sawing

This concrete cutting method requires the use of a wall saw that features a circular blade fixed on a track-mounted tool. The track allows the tools to climbs the walls and cut the ceiling too. This technique makes it easy to cut walls that are thicker than 16 inches as well as concretes that are 36 inches thick or more.

Core Drilling

Core drilling is a cutting process that is used for making precise circular holes. This technique is for forming an exit for pipes, electrical wires, or creating space for air conditioning vents to fit through. It also used to collect concrete samples.

Diamond Drilling

Diamond saws can cut fast and more precise compared to other cutting techniques. It can also cut steel rebars and other metals used in construction. Aside from that, diamond blade saws are noiseless and generate fewer vibrations unlike other drilling and cutting tools. Diamond drilling is less likely to cause crack or damage to the surrounding parts of the floor or concrete.

Flat Drilling

Flat drilling is a cutting process usually used for parting flat surfaces such as floors, bridge platforms, and pavements. It is sometimes called as slab sawing. In this method, the cutting tools used are kept on a cart that the operator can push from the rear. This process can help reach broken pipe or wiring under a concrete floor, patching a road, and cutting plumbing canals.

Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing is used as the last cutting option if all the previous cutting methods aren’t applicable. This method is used for larger concrete-cutting projects. It requires saws that are made of multi-strand cables with small diamond segments aligned through an array of pulleys. These pulleys are attached to a hydraulic powered wheel. When the wheels pull the cable, the wire automatically spins around and cuts the concrete.


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