Diamond Blades 101

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A diamond blade is a saw blade made from high-quality metal with synthetic diamonds fixed on its edge for cutting hard and abrasive materials. But did you know that it has different types of various uses? In this article, we’re going to help you understand and differentiate one from the other.

There are three types of diamond blades: continuous rim blade, segmented rim blade, and turbo rim blade. Below, you can find detailed and helpful descriptions about each of them, what makes one different from the other, and where they are used.

Continuous Rim Blade

Continuous Rim Blade

Gila Tools Premium Tile Blade

Continuous Rim Blades are more commonly referred to as wet cut blades. Among the blades, this cuts the slowest yet produces the best cut, leaving a smooth and clean finish. This makes them the smoothest cutting tile and stone cutting blade. These blades are used for cutting marble, granite, porcelain, and ceramic tile. That said, they are perfect for granite countertops, floor tiles, and stone floors.

Segmented Rim Blade

Segmented Rim Blade

Gila Tools Premium Segmented Diamond Blade

Segmented Rim Blades are designed to be used on concrete, brick, concrete pavers, hard or reinforced concrete, limestone, and masonry or blocks, producing the roughest cut. These blades are durable and have a longer life compared to the other types. They are commonly used with circular saws, concrete saws, and masonry saws. Most people also refer to segmented rim blades as dry cutting blades since they can be used on dry applications.

Turbo Rim Blade

Turbo Rim Blade

Gila Tools Heavy Duty Turbo Diamond Blade

Turbo Rim Blade, as suggested by its name, is designed to cut faster on dry or wet applications. These blades feature a continuous rim with serrated edges. These edges give the blade faster cutting speeds with a smooth cut — combining the best qualities from segmented rim blades and continuous rim blades. They can be used in circular saws, tile saws, and hand-held grinders. It can cut a variety of materials such as stone, tile, marble, masonry, granite, and other building materials.


So which one of these diamond blades do you need for your next project?

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