A slab of granite.

Granite is a durable natural material that is used in homes and in office buildings. It is available in slabs or in tile form which can help make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. While wet cutting granite with your diamond blade or using a specialized rail saw for the larger slabs are how you typically cut granite, you can still use your circular saw with the right support and right blade.

If you’re planning to use your circular saw with your diamond blade to cut granite, here are tips that can help you cut through this material more effectively:

Have Support Ready

Cutting with saw into granite.

When you cut the granite slab or tile, you’re going to need steady support to prevent excessive vibrations that can cause cracking in the material. For slabs, the support you need a workbench where you can clamp down the material for cutting. For tiles, you can cut it on top of a piece of plywood on the ground or on a table.

Cutting Tiles and Slab

For cutting granite tiles, you can dry cut using your circular saw with a diamond blade. Because tiles are thinner than slabs, it will not cause too much heat for your blade. For the slab, you’re going to have to use the wet cutting method so the blade will stay cool.

Preventing Chipping

Granite edges will chip when you use a circular saw because of all the vibrations it causes. The more vibrations in the cut, the more imperfections in the material. To prevent edges from chipping, you can cover them with duct tape or masking tape so that the larger fragments do not fall off as you cut.

Cut in Open Areas

Man cutting granite tiles.

Cutting granite will, of course, generate dust and debris that is heavy and thick, it’s advisable that you start cutting in an outdoor setting. If you have to cut indoors, make sure that exterior windows are open that the living spaces in your home are sealed off to prevent dust from getting into these areas, especially if you’re going to dry cut.

With these granite cutting tips, you can create quality cuts that you can use for your home or office space. For more information on cutting tools or cutting tips, check out GilaTools.com!


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