Asphalt is a hard material used not only in building public roads but also in driveways. For many reasons including price, asphalt is preferred by many homeowners.

In terms of longevity, though, concrete driveways have the upper hand, so there may come a time when you have to cut asphalt in your driveway for repairs or any landscape improvement. Your goal is to make fast, precise cuts without damaging the driveway. For this, diamond blade affixed to a circular saw is your best weapon, not a jackhammer.

Here’s the way to do it:

  1. Debris mean obstruction so the first thing to do is clean the area of the driveway you plan to cut. Once it is clean, mark the specific area using a chalk. As a guide when you start cutting, score the chalk line using a screwdriver.
  2. This project entails wet cutting so you will need to clamp the water hose to the water pump on your circular saw. This is to eliminate dust which poses unimaginable problems to your health.
  3. Aim the blade to the surface where you will do the cutting. Slowly dig out the edge of your driveway up to the point where you reach the base. By using a measuring tape, measure the length from the base to the surface of the asphalt. Set that measurement aside.


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  4. With that measurement in mind, you may now set the depth of the blade. You may then start the engine of the circular saw along with the water pump. Begin cutting by walking at a slow pace and remember not to force the blade. If you have to change directions, you just need to raise the blade off the surface, reposition and start cutting again. When you’re done, just turn off the blade’s engine.




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