Table saw ready to cut.

Saws have been used to cut various materials for thousands of years. Over time, as various materials and projects require different cuts, more specialized kinds of saws emerged. Today, specialized cutting tools like your diamond blade saw can fulfill specific roles depending on the project you need them for.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to power saws, here are some common saw blades and their uses:

Band Saw (Stationary and Portable)

Both the stationary and portable band saws are used for cutting intricate curves into wood. It can also cut tubes, pipes, and PVC. The cuts are limited to a few inches only. You can use the band saw to re-saw wood boards so that they can be thinner.

Table Saw

The saw is a large cutting tool that is mounted on a flat table. The blade arises from the out of the table bed for you to adjust the depth of the cut. If you need to do many rip cuts or prepare several pieces of wood, the table saw is the perfect tool.


Chainsaw lying on the ground.

The chainsaw uses several linked chains with ripping teeth to perform cuts. These are more often used to cut trees. Depending on where you live, these saws might be essential for cutting the trees around your house.

Chop Saw

The chop saw has two versions – metal cutting and masonry cutting. The concrete version makes use of a water line to reduce the dust as you’re cutting into stone. Both of the versions make use of toothless blades.

Flooring Saw

As the name implies, this kind of saw allows you to cut flooring so that the materials can fit. It’s a specialized tool that allows you to cut various sections of your floor. When buying this kind of saw, portability is a huge factor that must be considered.

Circular Saw

Man cutting with a circular saw.

These are the most common type of power saw. You can use different blades for these saws, and they can be used to cut various materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and masonry.

Knowing what each power saw helps you maximize their usage. If you need more information on power saws or other power tools, check out!


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